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Simple yet sophisticated features!!

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Simple Yet Powerful !

Microfinance Institutions has played a significant role in providing loans and advances to the poor and underprivileged sector of the society. Since, Banking Loan and Financial services are not available in the rural areas, these Microfinance Institutions provide quick and hassle-free loan to the segment that has no prior credit history. Over the past few years, the growth Microfinance Institutions has been quite impressive and has been instrumental. These Microfinance Software Institutions are the only loan providing institutions that are resolving the current cash crunch among the low-income individuals that are situated in the rural and sub-urban areas. To aid such money lending institutes, Whiz Developers- a leading IT Firm has developed an indigenous Microfinance software that has all the features that are required to make the operations and accounting of a Microfinance Company in India in an efficient and hassle-free manner. If you are searching for a Loan Management Software then our Micromuneem Microfinance Software will be an end to that search. Through this Microfinance Software, you can manage your employees, loan management, accounting and many such crucial things that will aid you in developing a smooh and efficient Loan Management System for your Microfinance Company. For free Microfinance Software Demo, fill out the form so that our associates can resolve your query.


Simple yet sophisticated features!!

Micro Muneem Software

Customer KYC

With Micromuneem Microfinance Software, collect and save all the customer information and KYC details at a single place.

Loan Plan

Now you can create Loan Plans as per customer requirement. Set EMI collection on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, half month, monthly, yearly basis.

Real-time data management

We provide a Cloud-based server for your microfinance software making it a robust, quick, & updated software. Manage your entries in real time.

Individual Loan Disbursement

Now you can disburse individual loans to your customers, track their EMI record and collection date.

EMI Collection Report

Never miss a collection due to poor EMI collection report. Get updates on a daily basis and keep a track of the EMI due dates.

Mobile Access

You can easily access the Microfinance software anywhere with limited internet connection. Functions properly on any mobile phone.

Software Working Time

For security purposes, you can set the office timing for your employees. They will be able to access the software during their allotted time only.

One-touch data lookup

Get overall insights about your company’s daily, weekly & monthly loan disbursement, collection, new members addition, total balance, etc in a single click.

Micro Muneem Sidebar

Group Loan Disbursement

With the help of our Microfinance Software, distribute loans to the groups in an easier manner.

Employee Details

All employees easily. Manage their KYC, salary distribution and set their microfinance software roles and permissions easily.

SMS Facility

SMS facility is embedded in our Microfinance software. Send conformational messages as per your requirement.

Loan Pre-Settlement

For members wanting to pre-settle loan amounts, or you have to pre-settle loans due to any reason, it can be done in Micromuneem Microfinance Software.

Special Access

With the help of Micromuneem Microfinance Software you can provide different roles and permissions based on the designation of your employees. Thus, you data is secured.

Easy Accounting

With the help of our Microfinance Software, your accounting will be made easy and you can focus purely on providing loan to the people. Voucher Entries are automatised depending upon the loan plan and emi collection.

Multiple Branch

You can manage multiple branches of your Microfinance Company within a single Microfinance software.

Collection Report

Get full collection report of installments and emi’s for all your branches.


Simple yet sophisticated features!!

A good Loan Management system will aid you in overcoming several challenges that you might face while carrying out your business activities. Over last few years, we have come across several incidents where the Microfinance Companies were not able to manage and maintain their data and records for the distribution which ultimately lead to loss in recovery and created problems while filing the yearly compliances. If your Microfinance Company is facing any of the below mentioned issues, then you are in dire need of the best Microfinance software.

– Low Recovery Ratio?
– Not able to manage multiple branches efficiently?
– The managing of customers is not easy?
– Productivity of staff/employees is very less?
– Managing rural area clients is not easy?
– Annual Accounting is not manageable?
– EMI collection part is too difficult?

Micromuneem Microfinance Software is the best option for your Microfinance Company that will make your Loan Management System as easy as pie. This is an all-in-one Microfinance software that comes with many amazing features. Now you can quickly analyse the growth and challenges that your microfinance company is facing so that you can make apt changes and implement new decisions.

ABOUT MICROfinance software

Why MicroMuneem as Loan Management Software?

Micromuneem is the Microfinance Software that is designed to aid Microfinance Companies manage, distribute, and get the accounting process easy. After understanding the pre-requisites of Microfinance Company, learning their working capabilities, objectives and guidelines provided by the RBI, we at Whiz developers developed an all-in-one Best Microfinance Software i.e., Micromuneem. It will make your Loan Distribution System, Loan recovery system, employee management, trial balance management, customer database management, EMI calculation, etc much more efficient and time saving. Enquire now to unlock amazing features and to request for Micromuneem Free Microfinance Software demo now!!

Micro Muneem Software


Why MicroMuneem as Loan Management Software?


Whiz Developers

Whiz Developers is a leading IT Consultancy Firm providing IT solutions to customers across India. They are not just a Software development company, they understand the needs of the client, does a proper research about the product, its limitations, understand its pre-requistes. After learning all the associated factors they then start with the development process. Their ideology is to provide a wholsesome product to the customer.
Micromuneem is one such product. A Loan Management System Software developed inorer to fulfill the needs of a Microfinance company.



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Simple yet sophisticated features!!



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